The Team

Our team is lead by "A-Level" players, the best in the industry. Daniel Rosen, is an inventor, author, keynote speaker, investor and advisor.
Keenan Jones, is an entrepreneur at heart, founding his first company in his teens.
Tanmay Dev Andhe, A seasoned IT professional and strategic planner enhancing the organizational performance through skilled IT alignment with company goals.

Keenan Jones - Credit Repair Cloud

Keenan Jones

Cheif Operating Officer
Keenan Jones - Credit Repair Cloud

Tanmay Dev Andhe

Chief Technical Officer
Keenan Jones - Credit Repair Cloud

Daniel Rosen

Founder and CEO

We create the software, the systems and the strategies, for Credit Heroes™ (entrepreneurs) to help their clients with their credit, to change lives, and to grow multi-million dollar credit repair businesses from nothing.

In Detail